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Personal Wealth Management 

Our Approach

According to Vanguard’s Advisor’s Alpha, investors that work with a financial advisor make an average of 3% more1 than those who self-manage their accounts. This 3% could be the difference between taking that dream vacation in retirement, spending more time with your children and grandchildren, or not having to work to maintain your lifestyle in retirement.

You may think that this extra 3% or more comes from investment performance, but one of our most important skills is seeking to help investors not make costly mistakes. We’re here with the goal to help you not sell off your investments at the wrong time (despite what the media might be saying), make sure your investments are aligned with your short, medium, and long-term goals, and avoid other costly mistakes that you might not be aware of. In short, we seek to protect you from yourself.

We serve as your personal CFO and ensure that all the pieces of your financial picture fit together. 

Investing involves risk including loss of principal.

1 Bennyhoff, Donald G., and Francis M. Kinniry. Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha®. Vanguard Research, July 2018,.

The Importance of Working with a Fiduciary

Our Fiduciary Duty

When we say that we act in the best interests of our clients, that’s not just a marketing tagline we use because it sounds nice. As fiduciaries, we are legally and morally obligated to do what’s best for our clients and their needs. Rather than fit a client into a pre-designed plan, we fit our plans to our clients and personalize them based on your unique goals.

In today’s market, there is so much noise surrounding broker-dealers, fees, conflicts of interest commissions, and more. You can’t turn on the TV or read the newspaper without seeing some scare tactics about the market dropping or too-good-to-be-true claims about the next hot investments. So how are investors supposed to know if they’re making the right financial choices? That’s where we come in.

We cut through the noise and make it simple for you by serving as your fiduciary and guide. We will only recommend strategies and products if they make sense for you and take into your account your unique goals, risk tolerance, and timeline.

How We’re Different

We think of ourselves as financial advisors, but we also think of ourselves as financial coaches. We create plans based on your goals and guide you through the financial, psychological, and behavioral aspects of comprehensive financial planning. We serve as fiduciaries and always act in your best interest, no matter what. Even if it’s not what you want to hear, we tell it to you straight and educate you on your financial options.

Our financial coaching is based on fundamental investment principles and we strive to help keep our clients from making costly mistakes. We focus on financial wellness and serve as your long-term advisor, coach, and friend.

Our Wealth Management Services

We are passionate about investment management, but that’s not all that we do. In fact, the majority of our clients hire us on as comprehensive financial planners. There’s an innate value in having someone look over your entire financial picture, from your portfolio performance to your insurance choices to your retirement savings. Our full-service wealth management services allow you to have confidence while we do all the heavy-lifting. We can help you with common financial concerns including:

Buying your first home or upgrading your home
Choosing suitable 401(k) investment selections
Learning the basics of financial management
Understanding the importance of behavioral finance
Consolidating debt
Education planning
Insurance needs
Saving for retirement
Understanding Social Security and Medicare
Estate planning

You don’t know what you don’t know, which is why we’re here to educate you and help manage your entire financial picture. Together, we can build a goals-based financial plan, determine where you want to be in the future, and build the road to help get you there.

Our Investment Advisory Services

We approach investing and wealth management a little bit differently here at Beacon. Instead of focusing on the highest return or the most aggressive portfolio, we focus on your goals and what it will take to get there. Our investment values aim to help protect you from yourself and avoid costly mistakes. Some of our most common theories we use with clients include:

Buy low and sell high - Many people do the opposite out of fear or poor planning, but we will guide you through this important investment strategy by allocating your assets by need to access.

Time horizon buckets - Your investment strategy for long-term goals, such as retirement or legacy planning, will look a lot different than your investment strategy for short to medium-term goals, such as sending your children to college or buying a new home or car. These strategies will also determine when you need your money.

Diversification - Stocks and bonds aren’t your only investment option. We help you diversify your portfolio to manage risk to your investments. This could include alternative investing strategies, as well.

These theories just scratch the surface of how we strive to help you avoid costly mistakes, plan for your goals depending on your time horizon and risk tolerance, and not get rattled by market swings and news reports.

Investing involves risk including loss of principal. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

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